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" Living in Milan as an expat, 
I was looking for a community, connection and a support network that could help me feel at home. I am beyond thrilled that I have found all that in MWN.
Katia is so kind and makes sure every single person at every single event feels comfortable and included.

This community is a true blessing for women in Milan" - Dragana, Serbia 

" I was initially drawn to the community because of its focus on unusual and artistic events, such as studio visits and events organized by a hypnotherapist. 
It felt different from what I usually encounter, and I appreciated the diversity of professionals involved. English seemed to be a common thread, attracting not only people with unique jobs and experiences but also those who have recently moved to Milan, are frequent travelers, or bring diverse cultural backgrounds and ideas to the city.

The community has emotionally supported me during my transition to a new profession. The encouragement and inspiration from fellow members, especially women on similar paths, have been invaluable. The workshops have directly addressed my goals, and the supportive atmosphere has made me feel less alone. Overall, I’m grateful for the energy this community provides during this exciting but challenging period." - Sasha Mazur-K , United Kingdom 

" I came across the MWN community and immediately decided to join. While I am Italian living in my own country, I am an expat myself as I was born in the south, raised between Piedmont and Apulia, and then lived in many different countries as an adult, now back to Italy and living in Milan for the first time. I had long been looking to expand my network and get to know new people outside my office circle, and most importantly I had been looking for other women who shared similar experiences and the same desire of growth, self affirmation, empowerment, solidarity. 
The MWN seemed to offer all of that and that's exactly what I found when I joined.

Personally, every single event that I attend with MWN, be it a workshop, a career oriented event, or simply a fun night or a gathering, has given me a sense of empowerment, great motivation, a sense of true and deep connection and understanding. Interacting, engaging and exchanging views and opinions with so many women from so many different cultures and with their own experiences has been such a boost of self esteem and determination. Which in turn is helping me with my own business project: 

MWN is providing me with professional support, friendly advice, even a shoulder to cry on when needed, new pair(s) of eyes when I need other perspectives. It's a great audience to also spread the word about my business.

What I value about this community is the diversity of cultures and experiences, but most importantly, the fact that each event is designed as if it were a small gathering of girlfriends: not mass events that impede interactions, but a way of establishing true connections within a small circle of close friends." - Dafne Eleonora, Italy

"Having tried other communities, I struggled to find a sense of belonging 
until I discovered this one. Unlike elsewhere, here I found genuine connections and acceptance from day one. Katia's vision of creating a community where every woman feels valued shines through, and I even found work opportunities and I am motivated to develop new skills. Thank you for everything!" - Elizabeth, United States

" As a member of this incredible community, I am continually inspired by the profound dedication to women empowering women in a holistic matter. In a world where gender equality remains an ongoing battle its refreshing

to be a part of a movement that recognizes the strength and potential within each woman. " - Sara, Italy


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